Wedding cake topper with a heart and hearts



This wedding cake topper with a heart and hearts is about 20cm broad and 4mm thick. The monogram is made of your initials, the wedding cake topper with a heart and hearts is made of mdf and afterwards is spray painted in your requested color. Great for a wedding cake, who wouldn’t want these beautiful cupcake or cake toppers for their party.
For cupcakes we also make the toppers in a smaller size.
Regarding questions, you could always send us a mail. Other colors are also available!!

Your name will be engraved, you could leave your name in the comment section or you could send a mail.

The perspex cake toppers are food safe but the gold and silver painted cake toppers and the wooden cake toppers must be inserted into the cake as you would stick fresh flowers in the cake.

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 17 × 16 × 0.3 cm

wit, zwart, rood, groen, geel, blauw, paars, fuchsia, oranje, goud, zilver/spiegel, helder/als glas, roze, bruin, licht blauw, ivoor, turqoise, french rose, donker grijs, lila, bruin glitter, oranje glitter, roze glitter, zilver glitter, goud glitter, rood glitter, zwart glitter, goud gespoten, zilver gespoten, hout


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